Windows Live Essentials applications are a suite of tools from Microsoft designed to make Windows even more useful. Best of all every single one of them is totally free.

They’re not included on every PC, but you can download all, or just some if you prefer, from the Live Essentials website. There’s something for just about every task and even though they are free have loads of features and have all the polish of paid-for applications.

Writer is a nifty little tool that helps you create blog posts easily. Drop pictures or video into your posts with ease and then publish them with a single click. Writer supports a host of online blog systems and you can use it just for jotting down your ideas and printing them out if you’re not into blogging.

If you fancy making a blockbuster film then Movie Maker will help you get started editing your digital video. Put soundtracks on, edit video clips easily and then share your masterpieces online with incredible simplicity.

Windows Live Mail offers you powerful email, contacts and calendar management. You can run multiple accounts from loads of different email providers like Hotmail or Gmail. Any service that uses standard email protocols like POP or IMAP is covered. Adding an account is easy; all you need to know is your address and password, the rest is configured automatically.

As well as these tools there’s Photo Gallery for organizing and sharing your pictures. Windows Live Messenger that allows you to video and text chat with friends and family for free. To round it all off the Family Safety tools help you keep the kids safe when they’re surfing the net.

As the Windows Live Essentials applications all follow a similar design it’s easy to get to grips with each of the applications too. Whether it’s the creative tools like Photo Gallery and Movie Maker or the Mail and Family Safety features the Windows Live Essentials suite represents incredible quality and value for money. 

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