As the move towards mobile working continues, small businesses are looking for devices that are portable yet efficient. Easy to use and as powerful as a PC, Windows 8 tablets are the ideal solution.

And there's more: we've come up with five reasons why you should buy a Windows 8 tablet.

1. Mobile working

The workforce is becoming more mobile, and what better way to enable this than by using tablets? Tablets give staff the consumer-grade experience they are used to at home, alongside the functionality that allows them to work on the move. Using Windows 8 tablets, staff can collaborate whether in the office, out selling on the field, or at home.

2. PC-like functionality

As the number of remote workers increases, employees are demanding PC-like functionality on mobile devices. This can easily be achieved using Windows 8 tablets such as Dell's Latitude 10, which provides PC functionality in a thin, light and portable device.

3. Security

The threat landscape is widening and mobile devices are at increasing risk of attack. It's therefore important to choose business tablets that have the ability to secure your company data. With features including smartcard scanners and fingerprint readers, Windows 8 tablets offer enterprise-grade security for a reasonable price.

4. Easy management

Windows 8 tablets made by vendors such as Dell are also ideal for managing and protecting your data. With Windows 8, you can easily manage tablets as you would any other PC within your organisation, using your existing remote systems management solutions or Dell KACE appliances.

5. Apps to suit any business

Windows 8 tablets come with multiple productivity apps. It is also possible to create your own, bespoke applications to help you and your employees be even more productive and efficient.