7digital has releases its online music store for Windows 8, becoming the first of its kind. See also: 7digital for Windows 8 review.

The operating system does not launch until October, but the 7digital music application has been designed to function with the current Release Preview build of Windows 8. See also: Windows app reviews.

The application offers over 20 million tracks and is still under development. A vast collection of audiobooks and video content will also be available and 7digital states that as of now the product is still within the early stages of production. The store will be further refined leading up to the launch of the new operation system for PCs, laptops and tablets.

7digital for Windows 8

Users can access their content on both the desktop and tablet (Metro) versions of Windows 8. It requires an install before it can be used, however. See also: Windows 8: the complete guide.

Ben Drury, CEO of 7digital said: "The potential of Windows 8 is huge. Microsoft’s renewed commitment to the tablet space, and development of the Surface hardware, means there could be millions of devices in the market by the end of next year."

In such a way similar to Apple's 'Genius' function, 7digital's Windows 8 store is capable of suggesting artists you may like based upon your previous searches and purchase history. Users can also 'pin' music they really like, and from there this content can be shared with friends and via social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Working in conjunction with 7digital's cloud-based 'locker' means that tracks and albums you have purchased can be accessed on your other devices. Users that are already signed up to 7digital will be able to automatically sync and download purchased tracks and albums to a Windows 8 device.

Drury added: "Developing the Windows 8 application early means we’re ideally placed to become the default digital music store for newly purchased desktops and tablets, and compatible across all other platforms."

The 7digital music store is now available worldwide via the Windows Store Preview, which is still in development. The application is compatible with x86, x64 and ARM based devices.