It was a close run thing, but Windows 8 came out on top in a PC Advisor poll hosted to find out which new product launch interested people the most.

PC Advisor recently hosted a poll to find out what people found the most interested out of the following launches: iPad 4; iPad mini; Windows 8; Microsoft Surface; Windows Phone 8. Here are the results. See Microsoft Windows 8 review.

The outcome of the poll - which 5,360 people took part in - was that Windows 8 was deemed the most interesting gaining 25 percent of the vote. However, to say that Windows 8 ran away with the poll would be entirely inaccurate, as the recent iPad 4 launch came in a very close second place with 24 percent of the poll. 

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In the clash of the 'brand new' tablets, Microsoft came out on top, with Surface (21%) earning two percent more than iPad mini (19%). It should be pointed out that the iPad 4 was deemed most interesting tablet PC overall. Take a look at Microsoft Surface RT review.

Windows Phone 8 was the poll's weakest performer, picking up just 11 percent of the vote.

As always, voters to the forums to further voice their opinions. One very astute post came from Jock1e who said: "I was looking at the new iPod 5 but for another £30 I could get the iPad Mini and not knowing the difference in what they do I am in limbo at the moment." Jok1e then somewhat comically concluded "But as the iPad mini is bigger that would probably be a lot better for me as my eyesight is not as good as it used to be."

Forum user alan14 was also in a irreverent mood saying "I've voted for the one that disinterests me the least.".

Prolific former Quickbeam seemed to sum up the poll's results pretty well with his comment: "I think Windows 8 is as radical a difference to home computing as was Windows 95, despite all the negatives above, and soon to be more below no doubt, I think it will be talked about quite a lot over the next few months."

Windows 8 more interesting than new iPads