Wonder what the tech world has in store for us in 2009? For the fun of it we asked bona fide psychics to look into their crystal ball.

The web is awash with 'experts' predicting what will happen in the tech industry in 2009. But let's face it, none of us really know what the future holds, it's just guesswork.

So rather than make our own predictions, we decided to get two psychics to gaze into their crystal balls and do the hard work for us. We've asked two professional psychics; Celia and Shaun Moore to make their predictions for 2009 on a number of burning tech issues and put them side-by-side with those for a tech expert. So read on to see who you think is correctly predicting the future of tech. Then take a look at our 7 tech predictions that never happened feature, to see just how wrong it can go when predicting the future.

On Steve Jobs

The Street.com's David Sterman

Jobs will give up the title of Apple CEO and remain only as chairman. He'll "realise that investors are overlooking Apple's management bench strength".

Jobs has tough times ahead, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. "I see that there's a big struggle, then I see very good news coming for him at the middle of the year."

Shaun Moore

He needs to focus more on his home life to improve his condition. "His personal life is in the toilet bowl... and that's causing his health to suffer."

It can't be making things easy for the cleaning lady, either.

On Apple

The Street.com's David Sterman

Apple's shares will fall in the beginning of '09 but rebound when the "next breakthrough device" debuts in the latter half of the year. The iPhone will also see "a range of hot-selling new uses".


A significant shift is on the way. "I do see that the company will go a step higher. I see that there are a lot of changes coming."

Shaun Moore

Changes are coming, but they won't be quick. "There's someone that they're speaking to now, someone who will go in and clean things out."

Clean things out, you say? Maybe they can start with Steve's bathroom.

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