New York has filed a lawsuit against Sprint Nextel for undercollecting 100 million dollars worth of sales taxes on mobile phone service. The state attorney general alleges that the company undercollected 30,000 dollars a day in order to gain an advantage over other mobile carriers. Sprint denies the charges.

Sony plans to launch its online photo sharing service PlayMemories Online next week in six countries Japan, the US, Canada, Germany, France and the UK. The service will allow users to upload photos and videos taken from Sony cameras. There will be 5 gigs of storage.

UK's BarclayCard introduced the Barclay Pay Tag, a sticker that effectively turns any phone into an NFC payment device. They can be used at no cost for purchases up to 15 pounds at contactless point of sale systems. Visa predicts those systems to increase 50% to 150,000 this year in the UK.

Start ups are vying for attention at DEMO Spring in Santa Clara. Some are game focused like fantasy politics which let users choose their favorite politicians and compete with friends for whose team remains on top after elections. There's both a free and fee section for Fantasy Politics.