The Byte - App Store milestone, iPad trademark, Boeing's Dreamliner lands, NASA auctions off


25 billion apps have been downloaded from Apple's app store. That's about 3 apps for every person on earth. Apple's paid developers more than 4 million dollars and the person who downloaded the 25th billion app is supposed to win a 10-thousand dollar Apple Store giftcard.


A Chinese electronics retailer is appealing a court ruling to stop iPad sales as Apple fights to prevent local authorities from banning the  tablet over a trademark dispute. Chinese vendor Proview bought ownership of the iPad trademark in 2001.


Boeing's 787 Dreamliner, landed in Boston and kicked off the US leg of its world tour. It can hold enough fuel to fly at least 20 hours and has cabin upgrades like higher ceilings and larger windows which can be dimmed electronically. In the cockpit, pilots have a heads up display.


NASA plans to auction off a number of software patents later this month. Originally made for satellite control, the patents have potential applications in robotics, telecommunications, and other areas. Organizers said it helps promote the use of NASA technology and creates a greater ROI for taxpayers.