“I didn’t get my e-mails, but I could send them.” Disappointed Blackberry users heard from Research in Motion founder and co-CEO Mike Lazaridis (LAZ-er-ree-dees) at the start of Blackberry’s developer conference in San Francisco Tuesday.

Lazaridis offered a quick, apologetic reference to the service outage that customers suffered through last week. Some customers reported not being able to make calls or send e-mails for days.

“We’re going to offer money to customers…”

Conference attendees—many of whom are also app developers—say, $100 in apps is a good customer service decision. “Especially the games—there are a lot of games….”

The outage description was brief, before Lazaridis moved on to describe all the ways in which Blackberry is planning to gain more customers.

 He unveiled an operating system called BBX during his keynote, which can be used interchangeably on Blackberry tablets, smart phones and systems. It’s meant to make it easier for app-developers to design for Blackberry.

In San Francisco, Kerry Davis, IDG News Service.