DEMO Spring 2012: Startups present interactive, game-like businesses based on opinions

A slew of new startups eager for attention are filling a ballroom at DEMO Spring in Santa Clara this week. While the air of competition here is thick—some of the startups are focusing less on rival startups and more on the throw-downs happening within their business.

“We can have a matchup between Harry Potter or Hunger Games….”

Crowd Fanatic is sure to gain enthusiasts—and detractors. It’s a match up startup leveraging Facebook to ask your friends life’s burning questions.

Like: iPhone, or Android?

However, its Founder says there is a political service element to Crowd Fanatic too.

But it’s not quite as American as the political, football fantasy-style game, just a few rows away.

Fantasy Politics lets users chose their favorite politicians, rate them, and compete with friends for whose team remains on top by the end of the politicking season.

Fantasy Politics is free to join, but if you want to compete nationally, and be entered for prizes and money, there’s a $25 fee.

Many of these entrepreneurs are hoping for a little more cash than that—to keep their social standing and businesses—alive.