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The European Union proposed a new data protection law that includes fines up to two percent of global turnover for companies that breach rules.


Under the proposals, companies with more than 250 employees will have to appoint a data-protection officer to be responsible for compliance with the new rules, which include the controversial "right to be forgotten", allowing people to have data held about them deleted if there are no legitimate grounds for retaining it.

Reding also said that companies would have to report data security breaches "as soon as possible" -- which she said means 24 hours.




Viviane Reding

European Commissioner for Justice



In this public service announcement put out by the EU, it tries to tell viewers that when they're surfing online they're revealing more than they think, likening it to walking around naked. Wednesday's announcement, however is just the first step in a long process as the proposals must still be approved by E.U. member states and the European Parliament.


Speaking of data privacy Google announced changes to its privacy settings this week saying that it will combine user information across several company services when a user is logged in.  Google hopes this will provide better and more targeted services and ads.  For example, by streamlining information from Google Maps and Google Calendar, the company could deliver reminders about meeting locations, how to get there, and how to avoid traffic.  Google says that any personal data gathered from the services won’t be released to the public, but critics caution to be careful about what they search and post when signed in to their Google account.  Users will receive a notification when the changes take effect on March first.


In its first full quarter under CEO Tim Cook, Apple shattered records with its iPads, iPhones and Macs, tallying 46 billion dollars in sales, up 73 percent from a year ago. Profits more than doubled to 6 billion. Back in October Cook predicted an "all-time" record for iPhone sales during the holiday season, and the company made good on that forecast. The company sold more than 37 million phones during a quarter which saw the release of the iPhone 4S. Not everything was up though. Apple saw a decline in sales of its iconic iPods, which many credit with launching the era of portable digital music. Those gadgets declined about 20 percent.


The White House offered an enhanced version of President Obama's State of the Union address this week with additional infographics that viewers on traditional TV didn't see. President Obama also hailed Steve Jobs and encouraged other entrepreneurs to be like him, as the camera confused on Job's widow Laurene Powell Jobs.




Steve Jobs attended a dinner at the White House back in February 2011 along with a number of other big names in Silicon Valley, where the President talked about his plan to invest in research and development to boost America's high-tech competitiveness. 


This week our team debuted a new show that reviews mobile apps for smarthones and tablets. Called IDG App Review, we'll start offering it every 2 weeks, and eventually hope to make it weekly. You can check it out on the same channel where you watch World Tech Update. Here's a clip of it:




If you have an app you want the show to take a look at, send an email to [email protected]


A new Facebook app just might be to die for … literally.  The new “If I Die” app allows Facebook users to record a video or write a note to select family and friends that will only be published after death.  The created message and a final status update will only be posted on the user’s profile after three “trustees” confirm the death.  Analysts say they aren’t surprised that this app has surfaced as many people want to share their final words with friends.  With the tagline, “What will you leave behind?” it might be the first app we’re not dying to try out.

By 2013 there could be a new class of racing, electric vehicles. And no these we're not talking about Nissan Leafs and Toyota Priuses, but super cars like this one with with the equivalent of 700 horsepower and a powertrain up to 600 kW. Called the Quimera All Electric GT it has a carbon fiber chassis. Right now initial steps are being taken to prepare investors, the general  public, media and sponsors for what will be the first clean technology professional motorsport championship. We'll of course keep you posted on the action.


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