For many of us gadgets and the tech companies that create them are part of our whole belief system. We've identified the seven most popular tech cults, so which one do you belong to?

For many of us gadgets are more than just a useful piece of kit. Technology can really get under your skin, and become part of your belief system and behaviour.

Whether it's a gizmo that changed your life, an ancient computer you loved, or a programming language that took months to master before it finally clicked. But since it landed in your life, nothing's been the same.

"People develop protective and tribal feelings about the technology they use," says Michael Jolkovski, a clinical psychologist.

"And the metaphor of religious wars or cults is pretty accurate - just as a person's religion becomes the main framework for apprehending reality, so does the OS of choice."

Jolkovski adds that he belongs to the cult of Apple and is patiently awaiting orders from the mothership on what new gadgets to buy.

Of course, the word 'cult' tends to have negative connotations, such as mind control, so if it makes you feel better, call it a club. Either way, you may well belong to one or more of the many tech cults/clubs out in the wild - perhaps even some of the following seven…

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  2. The way of the Palm
  3. Brotherhood of the Ruby
  4. The Ubuntu tribe
  5. The Commodorians
  6. The Order of the Lisp
  7. Monks of the Midrange
  8. The Tao of Newton