When it comes to delivering high-quality audio to your door, Teufel’s depth and breadth of service is peerless. Based in Berlin, Teufel’s team has one goal - to deliver better sound to your home. This is done through myriad products, services and after-sales support.

Teufel supplies a huge array of audio platforms and its commitment to customers is reflected in the high-quality products it manufactures. That means customers get only the best audio kit straight from the source without the added costs that retailers impose.

From the complete System 8 to supplying entry-level PC speakers and iTeufel steroes, Teufel covers it all. Your business is its business.

But it’s not just about giving customers the right sound at the right price. It’s also about passion. That’s why Teufel is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary in the audio business this year.

Why Teufel audio?

Because Teufel sells directly, customers reap the benefits. Not only does it save commission costs that retail salespeople normally pocket, but it also means customers get direct distribution from Teufel’s online store.

Customers can shop online or call for an individual consultation session to discuss their needs with Teufel’s knowledgeable team to choose the best audio solution for them. Customers calling from the UK get native language support in English and Teufel has set up a freecall number so customers can dial in for free from anywhere in Europe.

If you’re a music enthusiast, an audiophile with an eye for high-end professional equipment, or someone buying their first set of speakers, the team will chat with you to make sure you get the right product at the right price.

Once customers have chosen the kit they want, Teufel will deliver straight to their door. But Teufel doesn’t just drop the products off and leave customers to it. The company wants customers to get the best possible audio experience from their hardware so Teufel offers an eight-week returns policy.

This means customers get to test their purchase in the best possible environment – their own home. Listening to sound systems in shops or studios is fine but it doesn’t truly replicate real-world listening scenarios. If customers decide for some reason to change their purchase, they can return the speakers in eight weeks and Teufel will reimburse in full.

Teufel customers are also protected by a 12-year warranty on any speakers – regardless of cost. It even offers a two-year guarantee on electronics, double the standard period for UK customers.

Teufel audio product range

Teufel has a range of product categories to choose from. The company's website lists kit for iPods, home cinema speakers and systems, stereo speakers and systems, and sub-woofers. In addition, Teufel offers every audio accessory under the sun so customers have wall mounts, cables, stands and adaptors for every audio occasion.

Teufel also provides a dedicated selection of PC audio equipment for any budget. From 2.1 desktop speakers to 5.1 surround sound, Teufel’s range covers every customer need.

High-end enthusiasts with cash to splash might opt for Teufel’s Motiv 5 surround sound speakers. For £399, customers get sleek satellites engineered to perfection. Combined with a subwoofer that has an integrated power amp, they deliver 450 watts of crisp audio fidelity.

If your budget can’t stretch but you still want the best money can buy, then Teufel also has a fantastic range of Concept speakers and audio solutions. With the Concept E400, which has a 500 watt subwoofer and beautiful tweeters all wrapped up for £269, the 2.1 Concept C 100 (under £100) and the 5.1 Concept E 300 (£219), there is a PC speaker set for all.

Concept B 200 USB

Teufel wanted to make the best clutter-free 2.0 PC speakers at a great price point and the result is the Concept B 200 USB. Already given unanimous critical appraisal, the Concept B 200 USB speakers were designed to pack an audio punch so powerful, a sub-woofer isn’t required.

Taking its initiative from high-end audio solutions, the Teufel Concept B 200 USB has two little two-way column speakers and the box of tricks doing the processing is a separate amplifier module. This sports four channels of amplification while the speakers are driving actively. One is dedicated for one amplifier channel to the twin bass/mid speakers while the other goes to the tweeter.

The Concept B 200 USB connects to a PC via USB and comes with its own dedicated sound card. This offers top quality audio that integrated sounds can’t match and provides the cleanest possible audio signal to the speakers. Each of the speakers has three drivers built in and can take up to 30 watts of power.

Driving the audio is the Control Station CD 200 CS amp. The four separate 30 watt amplifiers translate to 120 watts of sound power. The result is an active two-way system that doesn’t need a sub-woofer to create a realistic musical span.

The Control Station CD 200 CS isn’t just an amp. Teufel’s kit comes with a wealth of connectivity options for every musical scenario. There are  RCA and minijack inputs, the USB digital audio input and three USB ports, acting as a USB data hub when it’s hooked up to a PC. You also get a full control panel with volume, treble and bass knobs to tweak audio to suit your needs.

Teufel is selling this excellent PC speaker system for £189.00. The Concept B 200 USB can’t be beaten for maximum performance from a tiny package at a great price.