Sun Microsystems has revealed it is making 1,300 job cuts in a bid to survive the economic downturn.

The company said the initial layoffs could be followed by hundreds more, that may take the total to as many as 6,000.

StarOffice is one of the software packages available from Sun Microsystems

Sun said that the "reductions were made across all levels, including vice presidents and directors".

Sun StarOffice 8.0 review

Sun had announced in November that it was cutting 15 to 18 percent of its workforce as part of restructuring to save anywhere from $700m to $800m annually (£516m to £590m); the only mystery was exactly when those cuts would begin. But these layoffs are only part of a job-cutting wave that began hitting the tech industry last year.

Most recently, Microsoft said it is likely to cut as many as 5,000 jobs over the next 18 months.

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"We believe the restructuring will result in a more efficient coverage model with resources aligned to growth opportunities," the company said.

"We believe the number of positions that will be eliminated, when combined with the other cost cutting measures and organisational changes being implemented, will put the company on track for improved financial performance."

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