It hasn't been a stellar year for IT pay. Mean compensation for all IT professionals increased by a measly 0.35% from $77,604 a year ago to $77,873 in June 2011, according to Janco Associates. This puts overall IT compensation at roughly the level it was at back in early 2008, the firm says.

At the top of the IT food chain, CIO pay grew by a slightly larger percentage. The mean compensation for CIOs is $184,681 in large enterprises (up 1.73%) and $163,106 in midsize enterprises (up 0.49%), Janco reports.

But not all IT pros are feeling a compensation crunch. In the highest echelons at some of the largest public companies in the U.S., CIOs and senior tech leader are making millions. Just how much? Enough to rank among a company's most highly paid executives and enjoy perks such as company cars, financial planning services, and access to the corporate jet.

Network World pored through the proxy statements of the 500 largest U.S. companies, as ranked by the Fortune 500, and found compensation data for 25 senior IT executives at public companies including GM, Boeing, Home Depot and FedEx. We calculated what each of these senior IT leaders' pay packages is worth, once the salaries, bonuses, stock options and perks are tallied.

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