Microsoft has had enough of PC-baiting from the pseuds at Apple. Riled by the Mac versus PC, geek versus cool guy adverts Apple has been running for the past two years, it's decided to give its Mac rival a taste of its own medicine.

Accordingly, there's now an advert airing on British TV screens (you can view it here) featuring 'ordinary' Windows users and what a diverse bunch we are. Not all of us are beard-and-glasses wearing nerds either, it seems. And those of us who are bearded and/or bespectacled, are fine about it, thanks very much.

And, it turns out there's a heap of things we can do with our PCs too. Who'd have thunk it eh? 

Far be it for PC Advisor to get in the way of a healthy spat like this - especially one played out so publicly. If you fancy siding with Windows and sticking it to those annoying Mac fanboys, Microsoft's currently on the scout for UK-based PC users to appear in a British version of its new ad campaign.

All you need to do is come up with a brief video clip explaining "what kind of PC you are" or what you do with your PC and then post it at Lifewithoutwalls.

Microsoft explains the idea thus: "Whether you use your computer to listen to music or make movies, promote your business, or simply keep in touch, Microsoft is asking you to step forward and tell the world".

Microsoft "is on the hunt for PC users to appear in a major new advertising campaign that will be shown across internet, poster and TV advertisements with the aim of celebrating the diverse range of individual and talented people using PCs across the UK".

So what are you waiting for? Get your geek on. If you are one, that is.