The end of the first decade of the 21st Century marks a great time to take stock of a monumental 10 years in technology. Here are PC Advisor's companies of the decade: there can be only one winner.

PC Advisor editors and expert contributors, with reader feedback from's 300,000 registered users, have nominated 10 products, technologies, people and companies that have defined the decade 2000-2009 and will still hold influence over the next.

Here are the winner and nominees for company of the decade - and why they matter.

The company of the decade

WINNER: Google

PC Advisor's Company Of The Decade is Google. Like Apple it started in a garage - and rapidly outgrew it after going public a few years later.

Google's search engine has done much to revolutionise the way we use the web and the internet. The company's thousands of servers process millions of search requests each day and about 1 petabyte of user-generated data every hour. Its name has become synonymous with the very act of searching online - to Google something means search, and to many Google is the internet.

Its biddable keyword-based advertising model has made it one of the richest corporations ever. But its 'Do No Evil' company slogan is beginning to look duplicitous with controversy surrounding its censorship deal with China and latest moves into behavioural targeting based on users' interests.

Not all of its spin-off projects are successful, but services such as Gmail and YouTube are market leaders - and software such as Google Earth has created new technological categories.

It has pioneered web-based software such as its Google Docs alternative to Microsoft Office.

And with the release of its own Chrome web browser, Android mobile operating system and forthcoming Chrome desktop OS Google shows no signs of slowing down in the influence its has over all our lives.

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Product Of The Year 2009

PC Advisor's Technology Of The Decade


  1. Google
  2. Amazon & Apple
  3. ARM & Dell
  4. eBay & HP
  5. Microsoft & Nokia
  6. RIM (BlackBerry)