Apollo Research has announced the technology companies that received the most press coverage in July 2009 across Europe and the USA.

Despite all the hype from glowing brands such as Google and Apple it's Microsoft at the top for the seventh month in a row.

The themes that have been mentioned the most alongside Microsoft over the last 3 months are: Browsers, Desktop Computers, Linux, Operating Systems, Processors, and Chipsets.

In the US Microsoft was also top of the pile for press coverage but its deal with Yahoo pulled its new partner into second place ahead of Apple and search rival Google.

Companies mentioned more in the UK than in the US were BT, O2, Nokia and Nintendo. Companies mentioned more in the US than in the UK were AT&T, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion, Verizon and HP.

Top 15 Tech companies for press coverage (July 2009, UK)

  1. Microsoft
  2. Apple
  3. Google
  4. Twitter
  5. Sony
  6. Facebook
  7. Intel
  8. Microsoft X-Box and Games
  9. YouTube
  10. Yahoo
  11. IBM
  12. Nintendo
  13. BT Group
  14. O2
  15. Nokia

Top 15 Tech companies for press coverage (July 2009, US)

  1. Microsoft
  2. Yahoo
  3. Apple
  4. Google
  5. Twitter
  6. Facebook
  7. Intel
  8. AT&T
  9. Amazon
  10. Sony
  11. IBM
  12. Research In Motion
  13. YouTube
  14. Verizon Business
  15. Hewlett-Packard

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