MESH Computers, the UK's largest remaining independent PC manufacturer, is no more. After 25 years of trading, Mesh yesterday appointed MacIntyre Hudson as administrators.

Subsequently the MESH brand and some other assets were sold on to UK components distributor PC Peripherals. PC Peripherals will provide continuing hardware support to MESH customers with existing, live warranties.

Administrator Adrian Dante told Microscope: "The deal was reliant on a quick turnaround so we had to work hard to find the right buyer on a short space of time - whilst maximizing the return for creditors."

Explaining the demise of MESH Computers, Dante said: "It is not just the recession that has hit IT firms hard - the rise in demand for iPads and other tablet devices over laptops and PCs means we are seeing lots of changes in the sector across the entire supply chain, from manufacturing through to distribution and retail."

At the time of writing the MESH Computers' website appears to be taking orders. When we phoned up, posing as a customer, and asked if it was still possible to place an order, the person on the end of the phone told us that it was, and that the order would be fulfilled by 'MESH Computers LTD (Administration)'. He said: 'I don't actually work for MESH, but if it was my business, I'd try to get as much money as I could before I closed down. Wouldn't you?"

The news comes after PC Advisor began receiving regular reports from readers of PCs being ordered, but not appearing in a timely fashion and refunds being sort. We've heard multiple anecdotal reports of consumers waiting for refunds, with little or no contact from MESH. When PC Advisor chased up one recent case last Thursday, a MESH spokesperson told us he'd be back in touch on Tuesday. As yet we've received no reply. We've also had no reply to a request for comment, placed early this morning.

Customers who have been awaiting delivery beyond the quoted delivery time, or those awaiting a refund from MESH, are advised to contact your credit card company - it will attempt to recover money on your behalf. If not, contact the administrator. For full details see: Advice for customers of MESH Computers.

MESH Computers was founded in 1987, and has around 150 employees. Prior to 2005, MESH Computers Plc was wholly owned by two men: Max Sherafati and Peter Ramiz. In May 2005 MESH Computers Plc was renamed as 'Mesh Computers Ltd' and became a subsidiary of Mesh Acquisitions ltd, owned by Sherafati and Ramiz and an employee trust.

In March 2007 Sherafati bought out Ramiz's shares, and took a £4 million loan from HBOS, the bank taking a 20 percent share in the business. This remained the case until the end of last year when Sherafati bought out the bank's shares, payed off all the loans and became the sole owner of MESH.

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