M2 Group confirmed on Monday it will compete against TPG Telecom to acquire 100 per cent of iiNet. The company values its competing proposal at around $11.37 per iiNet share.

TPG announced last month that it would acquire iiNet for $8.60 per share, in a transaction valued at $1.4 billion.

Under M2's proposal, shareholders would receive 0.803 M2 shares per iiNet share, plus $0.75 cash per iiNet share as a dividend.

M2 said it intends to operate iiNet as a standalone brand that would be "nurtured and grown" under the M2 umbrella.

"M2 fully recognises the value of different brand strategies and intends to leverage the strengthen of the iiNet brand and its customer ethos," M2 said in an ASX statement.

M2 highlighted its track record of acquiring and integrating businesses such as Commander, Primus, and Dodo.

"In each of those cases, M2 has maintained the presence of each of those brands in their respective markets, has grown each brand's customer base and product offering, and has extracted meaningful synergies along with the way. M2 expects to achieve a similar result with iiNet," the company said.

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M2 said it could achieve run-rate EBITDA of around $60 million per annum, representing around 3.5 per cent of M2 and iiNet's combined cost of goods sold and sales, and general and administrative expenses.

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