Consultants at Pioneer Property Services use their mobile devices to exchange emails or phone calls with clients. However, because mobile costs varied greatly from month to month, the company was uncertain about extending these devices to everyone. Once Pioneer Property Services joined the Vodafone Total Business plan, monthly costs became predictable, giving the business the peace of mind to roll out mobile devices company wide. With unlimited calls to UK fixed lines as part
of the package, employees have greater freedom to drive business without the company worrying about communication


Pioneer Property Services, based in Melksham, Wiltshire, provides affordable housing and housing market analysis to the development industry. Since launching in 1999, the company has negotiated contracts between developers and more than 50 registered social landlords for around 2,300 affordable homes. Today, the company's eight employees work with clients across England and Wales.

In property services, consultants and clients work closely. Not an hour goes by without calls or emails being exchanged between them. In recent years, consultants at Pioneer Property Services have used HTC mobile devices for making calls, sending emails and accessing the business's customer relationship management (CRM) system when they are away from the office.

Georgina Parker, Company Secretary at Pioneer Property Services, says: "Customers expect you to respond quickly no matter when they call. And, to be successful, you need to meet their expectations."

Delivering great services to customers can be expensive, not least because of the cost of mobileto-mobile and mobile-to-fixed-line calls. Over time, Pioneer Property Services found that the HTC devices were an increasing overhead, which
varied greatly from month to month. While the cost didn't stop consultants having devices, it made the company question offering them to everybody, despite mobile communications giving people the freedom to be more productive.

Pioneer Property Services wanted a long-term solution to its mobile expenditure. One goal was to make the cost of calls more predictable for the company to plan for the future effectively. This need became even greater at a time when the housing market was going through a challenging period. Parker says: "Personnel had to communicate freely to deliver great service and drive business, while wehad to remove any concerns about mobile spend."


Pioneer Property Services saw that Vodafone Total Business was the solution it needed. The plan offers great-value voice and data bundles to deliver more control over cost. For instance, it provides unlimited calls to UK fixed lines, unlimited calls between company mobile devices, and unlimited voicemail retrieval. Says Parker: "We have enjoyed a good relationship with Vodafone, through our Vodafone dealer, the General Telephone Company, for more than 10 years. It proposed the ideal bundle, which includes 3,000 shared minutes a month as well as mobile internet, email and text packs."

The company signed a 24-month contract for Vodafone Total Business, covering employees' HTC devices. Straightaway, personnel took advantage of the unlimited fixed-line calls and calls between company mobile devices. Parker comments: "I chose to sign for 24 months because the plan offers such great value. I always encourage people to make calls to fixed lines instead of mobiles because it can make a major difference to monthly spend."

Today, the company's policy towards mobile phones is completely different. There is no questioning whether an employee needs a device - instead, new starters automatically receive a mobile phone with the Vodafone Total Business plan. Parker explains: "A mobile phone and remote access to email and CRM systems are critical for consultants, but officebased personnel benefit too. The ability of the whole company to respond quickly to calls or emails from many locations helps provide a better service."

Business benefits

Vodafone Total Business is providing a longterm solution to Pioneer Property Services' communication needs. The company can plan more effectively, knowing how much Vodafone bills will be each month, and personnel have the freedom to deliver excellent customer services.

Parker says: "By choosing a 24-month contract for Vodafone Total Business, we can predict costs more accurately and maximise the value of unlimited fixed-line calls in the UK."

• Predictable costs. Since the company moved to Vodafone Total Business, Parker can predict the cost of mobile devices. She also has greater control over expenditure because employees can make an unlimited number of calls to UK fixed lines as part of the package. Parker says: "Thanks to Vodafone Total Business, we can predict our call costs, which enables us to focus on driving the company."

• Great value. By signing a 24-month contract, Pioneer Property Services gained a great-value price plan to see the company through a tough economic climate. Parker comments: "While costs are always a concern, the important thing is that today our Vodafone business package gives employees the freedom to offer excellent services and increase growth as the economy improves. Importantly, we can also carry over any unused minutes to the following month's bill."

• Flexible service. Thanks to the flexibility of Vodafone Total Business, the company can amend its package to meet the needs of the business. "I know that with Vodafone Total Business, I can scale the number of monthly minutes, add new handsets, or change the mobile internet, email and text packages," says Parker. "Because the plan is flexible, it can meet the changing needs of the business."

• Excellent support. Pioneer Property Services as received an excellent level of service from its Vodafone dealer, the General Telephone Company, for more than 10 years. Says Parker: "The General Telephone Company understands our business. It analyses our bills regularly and proposes the best package for Pioneer Property Services. It's one less thing for me to worry about, and allows me to focus on other tasks in my busy day."

• Enhanced operation. Because each employee is on the Vodafone Total Business plan, withaccess to a mobile telephone, email and data services, the company is meeting the demands of customers. Parker says: "Our success has been achieved by delivering excellent services to customers. Now everyone across the business can make a real contribution to maintaining our high standards."

Fast facts

Customer: Pioneer Property Services
Number of employees: 8
Country or region: United Kingdom
Industry: Small/SME - Property
Customer profile: Pioneer Property Services is a team of highly qualified and experienced housing professionals that specialises in property market analysis and the provision of affordable housing.

Business benefits

• Predictable costs
• Great value
• Flexible service
• Excellent support
• Enhanced operation

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