Admiral Taverns relies on open communication between field-based business development managers (BDMs) and the licensees to whom they provide practical and strategic support. Vodafone Total Business - with its great-value voice and data bundles - has helped the company overcome the recent economic downturn by providing flexible call plans to best fit the large volume of calls field workers need to make. Now BDMs can deliver a highly efficient service to their customers while spending 50 to 60 per cent less on communications.


Admiral Taverns is the United Kingdom's largest independent tenanted and leased pub management company. As an Admiral Taverns' licensee, a tenant can rely on a dedicated BDM to provide guidance on the practicalities of running a pub.

This guidance ranges from expert management and financial advice, to dealing with the occasional problem, such as a rooftop leak.

Approximately 40 BDMs support 2,000 Admiral Taverns' pubs, with backup from colleagues at head office. With this type of hands-on care, it's not surprising that mobile working accounts for a large chunk of corporate expenses. Kevin Cleary,
Senior Management Accountant at Admiral Taverns, explains: "Our licensees expect immediate responses from their dedicated BDMs, so mobile phones are a crucial business tool connecting our field-based employees with licensees
and colleagues."

Until recently, the company's mobile phone bills were unpredictable - and usually high. Cleary was motivated to find a more efficient communications solution for Admiral Taverns.

"Employees consistently exceeded our inclusive minutes with our existing call plan. They didn't have time to think about the costs they were incurring and quickly used up allocated minutes, resulting in high costs. We wanted more predictable
communications costs," says Cleary. "We were looking for a solution that was simple, good value and controllable, with a price plan that suited our call profile. In short, we needed to reduce our monthly call costs without sacrificing service."


Admiral Taverns turned to Vodafone for guidance. The company's Vodafone account manager analysed call use across all areas of the business and created a profile based on the volume and type of calls made by employees.

To cut call costs while enhancing the company's mobile working platform, he proposed a Vodafone Total Business price plan. Cleary says: "Our account manager showed us several reports outlining our call profile and recommended a new price plan. It was obvious that we'd be making great savings." Admiral Taverns' call profile showed how many mobile and fixed-line calls were made, and managers used this information to ensure that they were using the best plan possible.

Vodafone Total Business offers great-value voice and data bundles, including:

• Around 48,000 shared minutes, free mobile calls to fixed lines and free voicemail retrieval calls
• An online support system, allowing administrators at Admiral Taverns to download consolidated and individual handset bills each month
• Quarterly analysis reports from Vodafone to help managers track changes to the company's call profile. If call volume changes dramatically, managers can take action quickly, helping the company keep costs under control

With Vodafone Total Business, mobile calls to fixed lines are free and not included in inclusive minutes. The same applies to calls retrieving voicemail.

"Calls to fixed lines and to retrieve voice messages represented a massive proportion of our call profile, so Vodafone Total Business has saved us a significant amount of money," says Cleary.

Business benefits

Field employees can now concentrate on providing immediate, excellent service to the pub licensees without worrying about
communications costs. Overall, costs are dramatically reduced while availability remains at the same level. Management extras include detailed, easy-to-read individual and compiled usage reports that increase efficiency in the management office.

Successfully run pubs are vital to the prosperity of Admiral Taverns - and open channels of communication between licensees and BDMs are an important part of this business strategy.

"Licensees need to feel confident that their needs and concerns will be met," says Cleary. When customers call their assigned BDMs, they receive a speedy reply, even for those occasional late-night emergencies. With this careful attention to the daily needs of the company, Admiral Taverns is able to prosper in a challenging economic environment. "Speed is the difference between failure and success," says Cleary. "We pride ourselves on fast, responsive service."

• Reduced costs. Monthly communications costs have decreased by 50 to 60 per cent with no loss in service. Calls from mobile phones to fixed lines are free, keeping costs down and allowing employees the flexibility to reach contacts on mobile and fixed lines. Voicemail retrieval is free, encouraging employees to respond to all messages immediately.

• Greater budgetary control. With a call plan that fits the company's call profile, Cleary can now easily predict communications costs. He has greater control over budgets and can plan for the future more easily.

• Streamlined management. Employees save several days a month previously spent creating and reviewing reports. Employee calls are easy to track and manage without the need to create additional call-usage reports.

• Excellent support. Analysis reports from the Vodafone account manager ensure that Admiral Taverns is always on the best call plan for the business. Regular quarterly meetings with Vodafone give managers the opportunity to review which services and products meet the company's needs most effectively.

• Flexible call plans. As the communications needs of the business change, call plans can be adjusted appropriately.

Fast facts

Customer: Admiral Taverns
Number of employees: 184
Country or region: United Kingdom
Industry: Hospitality
Customer profile: Admiral Taverns is the United Kingdom's largest independent tenanted and leased pub management company.

Business benefits

• Reduced costs
• Greater budgetary control
• Streamlined management
• Excellent support
• Flexible call plans

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