Social recommendations website has announced partnerships with a variety of media partners including BBC Worldwide, The Guardian, PC Advisor's publisher IDG, and The Telegraph. is a website that allows users to share recommendations. The partnerships with publishers will allow users to save such recommendations from trusted brands, and share those with their friends, a well as sharing individuals' recommendations.

The publishers have agreed to allow to share their review content. users can then access and share reviews on everything from laptops and smartphones, to food and beauty products. is a private service, so users can share recommendations only with existing Twitter, Facebook and email contacts.

"PC Advisor is all about offering expert advice with hundreds of reviews posted online every month,” says Matt Egan, Editor of PC Advisor. "There is a huge amount of 'sharing' now on the web which is great for publishers. Where the LoveThis proposition really struck a chord with us is the ability to 'store' those recommendations that have been shared with you and that you want to keep for future reference. It makes the processing of vast amounts of online content much more efficient.”

"Every day publishers provide hundreds of high quality reviews for their readers. They invest heavily in trusted journalists trying the best places and products, and in publishing them across print, mobile and the web. Readers would like to remember them, but unless they cut them out or bookmark hundreds of web pages, they get lost” says Alexis Dormandy, Founder of LoveThis.

"Now, if I see a great B&B, or a recipe, or a book review, I can simply click it and save it in one place. Every time you then log-on to it will show you the latest recommendations from the publishers you follow”.

"BBC Worldwide is keen to make its content as easy to share across the web and social networks as possible. LoveThis is another innovative way to ensure our readers get to use, recommend and share our great content across their networks, bringing new audiences and fans to our brands and returning value to the BBC,” says Simon Hutson, SVP Digital Development Global Brands and Home Entertainment at BBC Worldwide. "We look forward to exploring how our audience and their networks use the service with our Good Food recipe content. There's nothing more social than great food so it makes sense to allow our readers to store and share their favourite Good Food recipes through”

Alexis Dormandy adds: "There is a huge amount of noise online, and consumers are realising they wouldn't trust a random person in the street for a recommendation, so why should they a trust an anonymous contributor on the web – some of whom have a vested interest in the product being described. overcomes that by bringing the recommendations of the friends and journalists you trust, together in one place”.

Since beta launch in March 2011, over 20,000 reviews have already been added to the website.