Keeping your home and business secure has become easier with Xvision's range of remote access IP CCTV cameras.

We all have property of value and most of us wouldn't want to be without adequate insurance.

Both at home and at work, covering the cost of theft, damage or loss of important equipment is seen as a necessity of modern life. But while as home owners and business people we are happy to take out insurance, we can be reluctant to deploy the other half of the security equation – recording and monitoring equipment.

Security cameras are a vital component of any fully equipped home- or office-protection system, and they offer many benefits. You may associate CCTV cameras with recording or preventing damaging incidents such as theft or vandalism, but they can also be used for more benign monitoring purposes, such as watching a sleeping baby, keeping an eye on your pets or simply seeing who is ringing your doorbell.

Xvision, a maker of world-class CCTV cameras for both the home and businesses, has recently introduced its X100 range of cameras. The series includes models suitable for many different situations.

Xvision has more than 10 years of experience in this field and is one of the top brands used by professional installers in the UK and Europe. It works hard to combine excellent performance with great value.

The new Xvision X100 series is a prime example of this. All the cameras in the range deliver high-quality images
and use IP to allow remote access.

IP is an important feature of any fully rounded security system. IP-capable cameras allow you to access their images in real time over the internet. That means you can be anywhere in the world and see what the camera can see.

Imagine being on holiday and able to look around your home, just to make sure everything is okay. Imagine being away from your office overnight and able to take a look at the building. Imagine being able to see the unstaffed ‘blindspot' areas of your business whenever you want, such as corners of retail premises or delivery bays, just by glancing at a monitor. And imagine being able to watch the wildlife in a hidden corner of your garden without scaring it off.

Xvision's X100-series cameras come in a variety of designs that are suited to all these activities. All the cameras in the series support remote viewing via 3G from mobile phones – Android, iPhone, Symbian (Nokia) and Windows Mobile are all supported – or via a PC or Mac web browser.

Being able to access cameras from remote locations using IP is extremely useful. It can give you peace of mind, knowing that you can see what they can see at any time. But this is only half the story. Inevitably, you can't monitor the cameras 24 hours a day. That's their job. And the cameras in the X100 series are able to detect motion and send you an alert when they do.
You can get alerts by email, along with a video or photo of what has been detected. You can then take whatever action you deem appropriate. If speakers are connected, the cameras can also issue an alarm to scare off would-be intruders and let neighbours or passers-by know that something is amiss.

Image quality is vital for any CCTV camera, and higher-quality images make all the difference for any kind of remote monitoring or surveillance activity. Every camera in Xvision's X100 range has an HD Megapixel sensor. The X100 range is one of the first in the world to offer this level of image quality throughout an entire camera range. The benefit to you is clearer, sharper images.

You'll be able to see more clearly what the camera is looking at from afar. Blurred and grainy images may suffice when you are remotely monitoring a site and nothing is happening but, if there is activity, lower-quality images can mean you can't see clearly what is happening. Worse, low-quality images may not be good enough to pass as evidence of antisocial or criminal activity and may not be helpful in securing prosecutions. In such instances, where the deterrent role of a CCTV camera may have failed, the image-capture role needs to succeed. And higher-quality images are a real help in that respect.

Many people think it's an expensive and complex business to set up a CCTV system, such as those offered by Xvision. In fact, prices start at as little as £169.99. You can start with a one-camera setup and add new cameras as needed, up to a maximum of 64 cameras across multiple sites. As you add more cameras and sites, the internet is used to integrate their management with minimal fuss.

The software you need to view the camera's output on a computer is included in your purchase.

The X100 series from Xvision is available from a network of resellers based in the UK. For more information visit, where you can view detailed specifications.

• The Cube (X100C). The Cube is well designed for a variety of monitoring situations. It has both day- and night-vision capabilities, and can see for up to 10m in complete darkness. It can see beyond 10m if there is enough ambient lighting. There’s a microSD card slot on the camera for storing recordings, should motion be detected. You can play these recordings back remotely. See our Xvision X100C review

• The Dome (X100D). The Dome is ideal for use in public spaces such as lobbies, retail premises, restaurants, bars and offices. It has a tamper-proof design and can be mounted on a wall or ceiling.

• The Tough Dome (X100V). The Tough Dome is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and it has been designed to be vandal-resistant. It has an unobtrusive appearance and can be wall- or ceiling-mounted. The Tough Dome can see for up to 20m in complete darkness and beyond that if there’s enough ambient lighting.

• The Bullet (X100B). A weatherproof camera that’s ideal for outdoor use monitoring a home driveway or business car park. It can be wall- or ceiling-mounted. It can see for up to 20m in complete darkness and beyond this if there’s enough ambient lighting.

All come with a two-year warranty and all can produce an audible alarm and issue email alerts if motion is detected.
Other models in the range include The Pan Tilt (X104P), The Body (X100T) and The Speed Dome (X104S).