In a PC Advisor poll, over two-thirds (69 percent) of 1,500 respondents claimed that they used "an external hard drive" to back up their data. Reassuringly - for any natural worriers out there - only 13 percent of voters admitted they did "not back up".

A further 7% still rely on CDs and DVDs for their back up needs, while 6% or respondents seem to be a creative bunch and have found another way to back up their data.

Interestingly a puny 5% of poll participants said they back up their data using the cloud. However it is worth bearing in mind that the cloud is expected to really take of in 2012, see Cloud activity to explode in 2012 for more details.

PC Advisor forums having been ticking over nicely with user's voicing (typing) their opinions on the cloud. Woolwell said he didn't use the cloud more because he was "concerned about availability of internet connection". Covergirl seemed to echo these feelings by saying "that I haven't made up my mind yet" and that he was worried that "the service provider I had chosen would at some point in the future go belly up."

It's fair to say that the majority of people seem to use external hard drives to back up their data due to relative ease of use. This would suggest that the majority of PC Advisor poll respondents are happy to back up their data periodically. The PC Advisor forums seem to offer the explanation that the cloud is still perceived as unreliable and access to data stored there is still a long way off being as accessible as the public demands.

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