Sony's first Android tablets are to hit the UK shelves in September and Novemeber.

Sony first-announced the Sony Tablet S (also known as S1) and Sony Tablet P (also known as S2) tablet PCs in April this year.

The Sony Tablet S (also known as S1) is a slate design and has a 9.4in screen. At first glance it looks similar to most competing tablets, but look more closely at its profile and you'll see it's shaped like a wedge. The upper portion of the tablet is thicker than the lower portion and that makes it easier to hold. Sony say 'The Sony Tablet S is optimised for rich media entertainment on its 9.4in touchscreen display. With the powerful NVIDIA Tegra 2 mobile processor inside, Sony Tablet S lets you enjoy the web plus your favourite content and applications on its large, high resolution screen.'

The Sony Tablet P (also known as S2) is a folding device equipped with dual 5.5-inch screens and will be released in November. It has a rounded design and is small enough to fit in the inside pocket of a jacket. Unveiling the tablet at the Tokyo news conference, Kunimasa Suzuki, deputy president of Sony's consumer products group, reached inside his jacket and pulled it out. Sony say 'Sony Tablet P is geared for mobile communication entertainment, with an innovative folding design and dual screens for maximum portability. Weighing 372g (approx.), Sony Tablet P features the same NIVIDIA Tegra 2 mobile processor and offers connectivity via Wi-Fi and 3G mobile networks. Dual 5.5" touchscreen displays can be folded to achieve dimensions of just 79x180x26mm to fit in a pocket.'

Wi-Fi only models are equipped with Android™ 3.1 (to be upgradable to Android 3.2) and Wi-Fi/3G models are equipped with Android 3.2. Both tablets will be fitted with front and rear facing cameras for still image and video capture, a USB 2.0 port and SD card slot simplify direct file transfers.

'Sony Tablet' S and 'Sony Tablet' P