Samsung’s 10in Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet goes onsale in the UK today. For now, it’s available in a Wi-Fi-only version through Dixons, Currys and PC World stores. Gadget fans particularly keen to get their hands on the Android 3.1 tablet queued up at PC World’s Tottenham Court Road store in London yesterday evening where trade was brisk.

Samsung representatives PC Advisor spoke to at the launch event declared themselves very happy with the number of people who had turned up to purchase the Tab 10.1 ahead of its official launch. Customers were rewarded with accessory packs containing docking stations and cases.  

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Samsung's first Galaxy Tab was a storming success.  The new, larger-screen model, went onsale in the US in June and won plaudits for its design, performance and iPad-rivalling slim profile. See our review here. 

The first Samsung Galaxy Tab was a 7in screen tablet that could fit in a jacket pocket, ran Android 2.1 and had 3G built in. 

The first model – which ran a version of the Google Android operating system originally designed to run on smartphones – was criticised for being an oversized phone. Nonetheless, it proved one of the most popular devices of the year and at one point rivalled the Apple iPad for the rate at which it was flying off the shelves.

This week, Apple took Samsung to task over alleged design similarities between the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the iPad 2.

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Galaxy Tab 10.1 launch Tottenham Court Road