Renault has become the first car manufacturer to offer integration of the BlackBerry Playbook in its vehicles.

The Renault Frendzy, which is a concept car that was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show this week, allows drivers to connect the tablet PC to the centre console of the car and subsequently surf the web, access photos, videos and music and even business apps from the comfort of the car. Renault says the integration creates “an office on wheels”.

The tablet PC, which is the first from BlackBerry manufacturer RIM, features a 7in WSVGA capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 1024x600 pixels and runs off a 1GHz dual-core processor.

Available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models, the PlayBook also benefits from 1GB of RAM and, as with most tablets, the Playbook will have a GPS accelerometer, a six-axis motion sensor and a digital compass. It runs the BlackBerry Tablet operating system and is capable of 1080p high-definition video capture, thanks to its 5Mp main camera. It also has a secondary 3Mp camera and an HDMI-out port.

When connected, the 7in PlayBook also controls an exterior 37in widescreen display on the car, which Renault says could be used to display information or advertising while the vehicle is parked or on the move.

The vehicle also features a slide-out touchpad in the back along  with a bench seat ensuring that families with children can keep the kids occupied during long car journeys, either by allowing them to watch films, play games or even scribble on the slate PC on the inside of the vehicle’s door.

Renault has yet to reveal whether the Frendzy will be put into production and if so how much the car will cost. The BlackBerry PlayBook is available now from a number of retailers including Currys, Dixons and the Carphone Warehouse at £399 for the 16GB model, £479 for the 32GB and £559 for the 64GB.