In a PC Advisor poll of 7,855 visitors to the site, just under a third (32.3 percent) named the follow-up to Apple's iPad as their most likely technology purchase in 2011.

Asked 'What gadget or technology are you most likely to buy in 2011?', 32.3 percent went for 'Apple iPad 2'. Second place was taken by the answer 'Android tablet', with 26 percent. A combined 58.3 percent, then, are keen to join the tablet bandwagon this year.

Another Apple product came third: the 'iPhone 5', or whatever Apple names the follow-up to its currently highly popular iPhone 4 smartphone. This scored 19.7 percent of the votes.

Fourth place in the poll was taken by the answer '3DTV', with 12.8 percent. This technology has been named in some quarters as the next big thing in technology, and may yet achieve this - but our poll suggests that tablets are viewed as a more exciting bet for the next 12 months.

Finally, 9.3 percent of voters plumped for 'Something else...' and then named an alternative in the forum discussion.

"Although I have not long upgraded or rather rebuilt my PC, I am quite taken with the new Sandy Bridge motherboards/chips," wrote gengiscant.

"I will be buying an HDTV but definitely not a 3D TV," said Esc4p3.

"Probably the next flagship Samsung Android phone," wrote mr simon.

"Electric toothbrush. If it's half price!" joked muddypaws.

Based on 7,855 votes, Jan 2011. Add your vote to the poll, or have your say in PC Advisor's forums.

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