A combined 43.2 percent of the 1,128 respondents to a PC Advisor poll have reported that they either plan to buy a tablet PC, or own one already.

Asked simply 'Do you plan to buy a tablet PC?', 28.9 percent answered yes.

"From what I have seen I will buy one when the price drops," commented forum member Noldi. "A lot easier to use than a lap top/note book when travelling."

A further 14.3 percent ticked 'I've already got one'. Many of these are Apple iPads, going by the forum discussion.

"Purchased an iPad about three weeks ago and never regretted the decision," wrote Estuary. "It has become the most useful, fun and amazing piece of technology we own."

"I have the iPad and I have to conclude it's the most expensive thing that I have ever bought that I absolutely did not need," added The 34ron. "Having said that, it is a truly beautiful thing to possess."

Tablet PC naysayers

The largest group of respondents was the 47.2 percent who answered no. And these included many of the most vehement commenters.

"Nay, nay and thrice nay," said WhiteTruckMan.

"Absolutely no need for one," said Mr Mistoffelees.

"NO!" yelled Strawballs.

Finally, 9.7 percent ticked the option for 'Not sure'. Some of these were unsure of the tablet PC's value for money, or of its material benefits.

"Not sure," said Devil Fish. "Have seen a tablet PC in action and they are very likeable. But at the moment I just can't see where a tablet PC would fit into my lifestyle and around the technology I already own."

"If I could justify the price I would buy an iPad in a heartbeat," admitted donki.

Based on 1,128 votes, 13 October 2010. Add your vote to the poll, or join the discussion in PC Advisor's forums.

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