Apple might just be on to something with its new iPad 2 tablet, if a PC Advisor survey is to be believed. Of the 876 site users who answered the poll, a quarter said they will buy an iPad 2.

Of these, 11.9 percent indicated that they previously bought the first-generation iPad, while 13.1 percent will be making their first forays into the iPad world.

"Yes I will be buying the iPad 2," answered PCA forum user rawprawn. "Four years ago I swapped my desktop for a big laptop to save space, and move about the house if needed. I would like something I can take with me when I go on holiday."

And MarkHattersley, editor in chief of PC Advisor's sister magazine Macworld, agreed. "Yes - I'm a massive Apple fanboy," he unsurprisingly admitted. "Bought an iPad 1 and getting an iPad 2 on import from America on 11th. Bring it on."

And the iPad buying frenzy doesn't stop there. An even larger proportion of voters, 14 percent, ticked the answer 'Maybe, but I'll probably wait a while'.

iPad 2: no thanks

As we expected, however, by far the largest group of voters was the nay-sayers, making up 55 percent of the count.

Some said no because they had already bought a first-gen iPad and didn't feel the need to upgrade. ams4127 wrote: "I've got an iPad and can't see any great benefit from changing it for the new one."

But others were simply unconvinced. "It's still not going to be a viable replacement for a laptop, so I'll be giving it a miss!" said OTT_B.

"To me it's just a fashion accessory," complained rickf.

"Nah, I've still got some old foolscap jotter pads that need using up first," joked Quickbeam.

And finally, 5.9 percent of voters said they will take the opportunity presented by the iPad 2's launch to get hold of a first-generation iPad; these have now dropped in price.

Based on 876 votes, March 2011. Vote in the survey (and see the results presented as a pie chart), or have you say in PC Advisor's forums.

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