The latest issue of PC Advisor magazine is available for download from the Amazon Kindle store.

PC Advisor's December 2011 Kindle edition, which includes all of the major sections from the latest version of the monthly print edition, has been optimised for Amazon’s eBook reader and is available for £3.99.

As well as every review, feature and group test, the new Kindle edition includes PC Advisor’s expert How-To section and the Top-5 charts.

The featured content in PC Advisor’s November 2011 issue includes:

Why your next PC should run Windows 8

10 best Windows 8 features reviewed

Better security, speed and stability for laptops, tablets and PCs

All-new Metro user interface explained

Best 48 PCs, laptops, netbooks and tablets tested

Plus: how to spot and grab a bargain

26 pages of easy to follow tips and tricks

How to reinstall Windows

What to do if your PC is hacked

 PC Advisor’s December 2011 Kindle edition is available now from the Amazon Kindle Store.