New Kindle eReader what you need to know

Amazon has now officially flooded the market with new tablets and eReaders. There's a lot to take in, so what we have done at PC Advisor is produce easy to digest articles on the products that Amazon has launched in the UK. In this article we aim to tell you what you need to know about the new £69 Kindle eReader. See Amazon Kindle Fire HD: what you need to know.

Alongside unveiling the 7-inch Kindle HD; 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD (US only); Kindle Fire Paperwhite (US only); and an updated version of the original Kindle Fire (now available in the UK); Amazon has also managed to upgrade its Kindle eReader while reducing the price at the same time. A busy day. Take a look at As it happened: Amazon Kindle Fire event.

New £69 Kindle eReader: launch date

If you're looking to get your hands on the new and cheaper £69 Kindle eReader, we have some good news for you, and the good news is you don't have to wait long. Amazon has made the all-new Kindle eReader available for pre-order already with the promise to ship the devices on 12 September (Wednesday). See Amazon introduces Kindle Fire HD to UK too.

New £69 Kindle eReader: screen

New Kindle eReader Amazon hasn't changed the screen technology in the new £69 Kindle eReader. The new Kindle still features a 6-inch E Ink screen. The reason for this is because the general consensus is that E Ink is still the best technology available for reading text on. See also Amazon reveals £69 Kindle eReader.

E Ink is considered the best technology for reading books and text as it is not at all bright or backlit, so is soft of the eyes. It is also able to work with screens that deflect direct sunlight too, making E Ink's visibility not an issue when in use outside. Visit here to find out What's the cheapest eReader?

One of the other major benefits of E Ink is how long a battery can last using this technology. With other screens you talk about how long a battery's life is in hours. With E Ink you talk about a battery's life in days and weeks. The new Kindle boasts a battery life that can last without need to charge for up to a month.

New £69 Kindle eReader: storage

As you might have guessed with a piece of hardware that has been made cheaper, the storage spec has not been improved. The new Kindle eReader still offers 2GB of storage, which is real life numbers means you can store 1,400 books on it. Which in turn is more than you can hope to read before the eReader burns out. in short, there is nothing to worry about.

New £69 Kindle eReader: Amazon Cloud

The new Kindle comes with free cloud storage for all Amazon content. What this means for the Kindle is that is that any book or other content you buy for the device via Amazon, will be stored in Amazon's cloud for your for free. So you can delete it off your device and re-download it from the cloud at a later date.

What the cloud also means, is users can digest content downloaded via Amazon on a number of Kindle enabled devices. The current list of hardware that supports Kindle apps are iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Mac, PC and Windows Phone.

New £69 Kindle eReader: new features

The real differences can been seen in the new Kindle's user improvements. The new Kindle features 15 percent quicker page turns and new fonts to allow readers to pick a style that feels more natural to them.

A built in dictionary has now been added too. Kindle users can now look up word definitions without the need of a Wi-Fi connection. Social integration has also been included. Social media hasn't been overlooked either - now Kindle information can now be shared on Facebook and Twitter directly from the new Kindle itself.

Possibly the most impressive feature that the new Kindle eReader has is what Amazon calls Whispersync. What Whispersync does is work via the cloud to synchronise "customer’s last page read, bookmarks and annotations across all of their devices, so they can always pick up where they left off."

New £69 Kindle eReader: specs

Screen: 6-inch E Ink Pearl (167PPI)

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Storage: 2GB on device - free access to the cloud for all Amazon content

Dimensions: 165 x 114 x 87mm

Weight: 170g

Battery life: Up to one month

Other: Experimental web browser, 5-way controller

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