Only half of potential tablet buyers say they will purchase an iPad next year, according to research from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

Apple currently boasts a 73% market share of the 3.96 million Britons who own a tablet computers. Their nearest competitor is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 who have a 6% share of the plan-to buy market. The rest of the market to date is negligible.

However according to a survey carried out by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, there is hugely significant 28% of the would be tablet buyers market, who have not made up their minds about which tablet to buy yet.

Importantly, 16% of the people who completed the survey claimed they have 'strong knowledge' of tablets and a quarter of those people admitted that they were planning to buy a tablet next year. If this survey is therefore an accurate representation for the rest of the UK's market (48 million adults) then there will be an extra 2m sales of tablets - and that is just accounting for people who claim they have 'sting' knowledge about tablets.

Further findings

  • The report also found that 90% of tablet users connected them to their home's Wi-Fi network, while only 41% contact to a Wi-Fi network outside their home and most tablets owners opt not to have 3G.
  • The report also claims that the most common use for tablets is for reading ebooks, surfing the internet, reading online newspapers, using apps and playing games.
  • 43% of tablet owners use them during their commute and only 36% use them while they are indoors.