HP has revealed consumers that purchased for the TouchPad tablet PC and the Palm Pre 3 smartphone before the prices were slashed last month, can get heir hands on a refund.

Just three weeks ago, the price of the TouchPad was dropped to just £89 - a saving of £260, while the 32GB TouchPad was being offered with an even greater saving of £315, down to £115. The reduction came days after HP, revealed plans to dump the WebOS platform, which both devices run, because it had "not met internal milestones and financial targets".

Since then the Price of the 64GB TouchPad has been slashed to £159 while the Palm Pre 3 no costs £69.

The HP Touchpad has a 9.7in display and is powered by a dual-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

According to HP's website, consumers that paid full price for these devices are eligible for a refund of the difference between their purchase price and the current price tag for four qualifying devices (the three different versions of the TouchPad and the Palm Pre 3) if  "they have been activated/registered within their webOS account before 23rd of August 2011".

HP also recommends those seeking a refund should have the Serial number of the device, a scanned copy of their invoice and their personal details close to hand. To apply for a refund, visit HP's dedicated web page.