It's only been a few weeks since Motorola's top-of-the-range Xoom Android tablet and Atrix smartphone went on sale in the US, and analysts are already asserting the Xoom and Atrix are duds.

Motorola has not disclosed any sales numbers for its shiny new gadgets, but Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette told Forbes sales for the two Android devices "have been disappointing".

Sales for the Motorola Xoom tablet and Atrix smartphones, launched in February, are "well below forecast", Faucette asserted in a research note, with competition from Apple's products, as well as other cheap Android smartphones, hurting Motorola's sales.

The Motorola Atrix 4G is a 4in Android smartphone, shipping with an older version of the OS (2.2 instead of 2.3). The phone has a 5Mp camera, and you can separately buy an 11.6in laptop-like dock, extending the phone's capabilities with two USB ports, a full-size keyboard, a touchpad and stereo speakers.

In our review of the Atrix, it scored 4/5 stars. The Atrix impresses with its dual-core 1GHz processor and sharp display, but the Atrix-powered laptop accessory is a good idea poorly executed. Other reviewers had mixed experiences with the Atrix 4G, noting minuses such as preinstalled bloatware and calling the laptop dock a gimmick.

The Atrix went on sale in the US just a few weeks after the Verizon iPhone debuted, which could be a contributing factor to the low sales analysts are reporting. While the Verizon iPhone is said to have sold over a million units (topping February smartphone sales) Faucette said cheap $50 iPhone 3GS and HTC Inspire on AT&T were favoured instead of the Atrix 4G.

Motorola's iPad competitor, the Xoom, did not fare any better in sales either, with the iPad 2 launched shortly after the Xoom's availability. The 10in Xoom is Motorola's first Android 3.0 tablet, which looks obese in comparison to the slender iPad 2.

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