The Dell XPS 10 is the very latest touchscreen tablet running Windows RT and features an incredible specification given its low price point of just £349.

For your money you get a 10.1in 1366 x 768 multitouch tablet with a super-fast 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 32GB of storage. You can expand your storage options with the built-in Micro-SD card slot or a 64GB version of the XPS 10 is available for just £50 more.

The Dell has a pair of webcams with a 2-megapixel front-facing camera and a 5-megapixel one on the rear. With the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on board wireless connections are covered and there’s a Micro-USB port and dock adaptor that supports HDMI for showing off your movies or presentations on the big screen. There are two speakers for stereo sound, a standard size headphone socket and the Dell has built-in dual microphones too.

First and foremost the Dell XPS 10 is a tablet computer, but with a neat trick up its sleeve. Add the optional Dell keyboard dock and you have a fully-featured notebook computer that’s sleek, small and stylish, but also one that has fantastic battery life and a full-size keyboard with trackpad. The dock keyboard also adds two full-sized USB ports and an HDMI-out option. With a battery built-in to the keyboard dock the Dell is able to provide a staggering 18 hours of power. 

The Snapdragon processor is more than capable of powering the basic tablet apps, but it also has the grunt to cope with more demanding software. The RT version of Microsoft Office that comes with the XPS 10 allows you to get your business tasks done and thanks to the cameras you can use the Skype app to make free video calls worldwide. The built-in microphones allow you can make hands free calls with ease too.

The processor is more than capable of driving some nifty games too so it’s not all about hard work. Thanks to the way Microsoft built Windows RT it’s compatible with a huge range of peripherals like printers, mice and monitors so you can expand the XPS 10 really simply and, if you wish, make it the centre of your home PC experience too. 

Included in the price of the Dell XPS 10 is a copy of the Microsoft Office suite designed for Windows RT. This version of Office is optimised for the touch interface and allows you to get work done when you’re on the move. The suite includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as OneNote so it’s a full package of tools and, naturally, it’s compatible with the full desktop versions of your Office documents too.  

When it comes to build quality you can be assured of the very best construction and materials - the XPS 10 feels really sturdy and, for the price, is a stunning piece of engineering. Use the Dell as a tablet and it has all the benefits and robustness of that form factor and when you add the optional keyboard dock there’s a high-quality laptop giving you the best of both worlds. The edge-to-edge hardened glass is scratch resistant and the back is made of non-slip material so you’re less likely to drop the XPS10, however, it’s still a really lightweight device. 

Dell XPS Tablet 10

With Windows RT being fully optimised for touch the Dell offers you a perfect tablet experience with all the power of a Microsoft Windows operating system. The live tiles bring the interface to life and ensure that you always have the very latest news, weather and social media notifications at your fingertips. The streamlined Windows RT operating system also means that your applications fly and battery life is optimised so that you’ll always have the power to get your work done.

The system is designed to be secure with Windows Defender, Firmware TPM, BitLocker encryption technology, SecureBoot, integrated VPN client functionality, EAS policies and remote wipe all built-in.

It’s surprising how easy you go from tablet to laptop with the XPS 10 and the screen really is superb, even the speakers cope admirably despite their diminutive proportions. You can watch movies and read eBooks comfortably and then snap it in to the dock and get on editing images or typing reports with ease. The touch interface of Windows RT is well thought out and it’s very simple to get to grips with. The finish of the Dell gives you the confidence to use it on the go without worrying that it’ll slip out of your hands, but it’s well-built enough that it’ll survive the rough and tumble of being on the move. 

For the best of both worlds there really is a lot to like about the Dell. When you’re relaxing in front of the TV and just want a tablet to quickly post to Twitter or surf the web then the XPS 10 is the perfect companion. However, when you need to get some proper work done all you need to do is snap the keyboard dock into place and you have a great Windows laptop with Microsoft Office built-in ready to go.

Overall, the Dell XPS 10 is a great option for those who need incredible portability and battery life in a machine that’s as comfortable in the office environment as it is at home and when you factor in the fantastic pricing the Dell really does shine. The XPS 10 would be perfect for a mobile worker as it’s an incredibly flexible device with enough power and expandability options to fit nearly every scenario.  

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