Asus has confirmed that the recently released update for its Transformer TF101 tablet to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) has brought various problems. UPDATE: Asus 'fixes' EeePad Transformer TF101 with ICS update... again

The firm released the over-the-air upgrade last month but is now working on a fix because of a number of different problems experienced by its users. Users have experienced graphics problems, random reboots, crashing and battery issues.

Asus said on Facebook, "Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback regarding the ICS TF101 update. We apologise for the issues some users have been experiencing and we'd like to assure you all that we are working on a fix. We don't have an exact date for release yet but we're aiming for early next week."

To try and help users out it responded to one users saying, "The issues experienced are down to such a wide variety of reasons that there isn't one interim solution. We've heard of users finding successful solutions through factory resets, wiping rogue apps and deleting/updating widgets though."

We contacted Asus which simply told us, "We have not found any issues on any of the TF101s we have updated internally."

Previous to this Asus admitted that not all its users were even able to get the troublesome upgrade. It told customers to download in manually from its support page.

"We see some of you are not receiving your ICS TF101 update over the air. If this is the case please go to our support pages on the link below and manually download the update. Open the zip file and transfer (via SD card or other) the second zip file to your Transformer. Your unit should recognise the file and start updating automatically." said Asus.

Asus has been leading the pack when it comes to Android upgraded but this one doesn’t appear to have been quite ready to roll out. If you have a Transformer TF101 and haven’t upgraded then we suggest waiting for the issues to be resolved.