Amazon's highly-anticipated tablet PC will be called the Amazon Fire.

According to TechCrunch, the device will be launched on Wednesday (September 28) this week but won't be shipped in the US until the second week on November. However, the website didn't speculate on when the tablet PC might hit UK shelves.

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Earlier this year, TechCrunch claims it got its hands on a Design Verification Testing (DVT) unit, which came with a 7in capacitive multi-touch back-lit colour screen that supports two finger gestures rather than ten, like Apple's iPad.

The website described the device as looking "very similar in terms of form-factor" to a BlackBerry PlayBook, with a black rubbery black back, a micro-USB port, speakers at the top of the device but no camera.

"Everything we've previously reported on the hardware remains the same," TechCrunch said.

"It will be a 7-inch backlit display tablet that looks similar to the BlackBerry PlayBook."

Meanwhile, Gdgt says this is because it was designed and built by Quanta, the same original design manufacturer (ODM) as the PlayBook in a bid to ensure the tablet PC was released in time for the festive period.

TechCrunch also said Amazon has built its own custom version of Google Android that offers access to its own Appstore, rather than Google's Android Market. Furthemore, there won't be an integrated email client. Instead users will have to download one from the Appstore or use their browser to access a webmail service.

When the website initially got its hands on then unamed Amazon Fire, it said it run a single-core chip but was unsure of any more details. Now TechCrunch is claiming it's a TI dual-core OMAP chip, which is also used by the PlayBook. Although, the website admitted, it wasn't "sure what the clock-speed of the CPU will be" but estimated 1.2 GHz

The pricing of the tablet PC is also causing a bit of mystery. TechCrunch originally claimed it was told the Amazon Fire would cost $250 (£160). However, the website now says it's heard $300 (£192) is nearer the mark. Although, the website was unsure whether the price would include a membership to Amazon Prime. In the US Amazon Prime users already get access to a free video-streaming service, which would be welcomed by users of its tablet PC.