With so much crammed into the modern laptop the need for accessories and add-ons has diminished in the last few years. Take, for example the XPS 12 from Dell, it’s a convertible laptop and tablet in one giving you the best of all worlds in one device. However, you can still accessorise your purchases to make them that bit more useful and individual to your tastes.

Though modern laptops are incredibly well put together and robust you’ll still want a case to protect them from the everyday spills and scratches that can occur. Here, you have a couple of options - there’s the chunky padded backpack style bag or a more sleek and professional-looking slipcase.

The XPS Leather Sleeve may be designed exclusively for the XPS12 laptop from Dell, but it’s flexible enough to be used with just about any 12-inch screen laptop. It’s made from premium leather with a soft lining to protect the computer when in transit. The main advantage of the leather sleeve is that it’s incredibly lightweight adding little when you’re on the go. With a magnetic clip to keep the sleeve closed you can be sure that the contents of the case will remain safe at all times too.

The Leather Sleeve is great value for money too at just £40 it offers a fantastic level of protection and portability. On top of all this the quality leather finish gives a professional look and feel that will make it stand out from the crowd of laptop cases and bags. The Dell XPS 12 is a stylish and professional-standard machine and you will want to give it equally professional and stylish accessories, the Leather Sleeve is perfect for this.

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