Nearly three quarters (73 percent) of all tablet PCs sold in the UK are Apple iPads, says Kantar Worldpanel.

According to the market research firm just over seven percent, which equates to 3.6 million, of Brits own a tablet PC, compared to just 2.8 percent in November last year. Furthermore, Samsung's Galaxy Tab, which is the second most popular tablet PC in the UK, accounts for just 5.9 percent of all UK sales.

The firm's research also revealed 28 percent of Brits that plan to purchase a tablet PC are still undecided about which brand they'll chose, indicating Apple's share may fall next year if other manufacturers release devices that prove popular with the public.

Education about the benefits of tablet PCs is also high in the UK, with 16 percent of the population that don't currently own a tablet PC claiming to have "strong knowledge" of the devices. The majority of tablets sold in the UK utilise Wi-Fi only connections, rather than 3G, and reading eBooks and online newspapers were among the most popular activities the device was used for, along with using apps and playing games. However, 40 percent of tablet PC owners also said they used their device for communicating.

"Apple's achievements in this market are clearly linked to its success in the smartphone market: 80 percent of people who already own an iPhone and plan to purchase a tablet intend to buy an iPad," said Dominic Sunnebo from Kantar Worldpanel.

"This is clearly something other manufacturers will have to contend with."

The research firm also revealed 70 percent of all mobile phones sold in the UK over the past three months were smartphones. This means 40 percent of Brits now own a smartphone.