Nearly two fifths (37%) of respondents to a PC Advisor poll think the Amazon Fire is 'great' and want to buy the tablet themselves. However, exactly a quarter (25%) of the people who took part didn't know what the Amazon Fire was.

On the same day as Amazon announced the launch of its first tablet device, we ran a poll to see what our readers thought about the price and functionality of the new tablet.

After seven days of voting, the result of the poll is that 37% of people think the Amazon Fire is "great" and that "it's the perfect balance of price and functionality" and that they "want one".

24% of voters said they thought the Amazon Fire is "interesting" but they'd rather have a "full-blown Android Tablet or an iPad"

A further 15% are "not bothered" about Amazon's debut tablet device and think it's just and "overgrown eReader". The remaining 25% had no shame in admitting that they had never heard of the Amazon Fire.

Even though 37% of people revealed that they wanted to own the Amazon Fire, there still appears to be a lot of speculation about the potential price UK customers will have to pay for the device. Forum user alan14 predicts the price of the Fire in the UK will be set at £240, based on the price difference between the $79 US customers have to pay and the £89 the UK market has to pay for the same Amazon Kindle eReader. OTT_B also agrees on this price, although he hopes the UK market will have an Amazon Fire tablet with a 10" screen.

Amazon has yet to announce a price or a release date for the Amazon Fire tablet in the UK, but have explained the reason behind the $79 Kindle costing £89 ($140), is due to the fact that the UK Kindle will come without inbuilt advertising, whereas US Kindle users will experience onscreen adverts.