Windows Ultimate Extras are add-ons that extend certain capabilities of your operating system or simply make using your PC more fun. And as the name suggests, you get them only in Windows Vista Ultimate.

More for your money

Windows Vista Ultimate offers every single one of the features found in Windows Vista Home Premium, including Windows Media Center, Windows Movie Maker with high-definition support, and Windows DVD Maker.

But that's not all, you also get all the features found in Windows Vista Business, including business networking, centralised management tools and advanced system backup features.

Plus, Windows Vista Ultimate has all of the new security and data protection features that help take Windows Vista to a whole new level of dependability.

In addition, Windows Vista Ultimate includes support for all of the new mobility features in Windows Vista, including Windows Tablet and Touch Technology, Windows SideShow, Windows Mobility Center, and other new, advanced mobility features.

Exclusive the Windows Ultimate

Exclusive to Windows Vista Ultimate are Windows Ultimate Extras. Windows Ultimate Extras are add-ons that extend certain capabilities of your operating system or just make using your PC more fun. Windows Ultimate Extras currently available include:

Windows DreamScene: an Extra that enables you to use looped, full-motion video as your desktop wallpaper instead of a static image

Windows Hold'em: a poker game for players of all skill levels

Language packs for Windows multi-language interface: allows users to install and use multiple languages on a single PC. Great for multilingual households or if you are learning a new language.

Secure Online Key Backup: Ultimate users can store their BitLocker recovery password and Encrypting File System certificate on Windows Marketplace's Digital Locker website for access to the key anytime, anyplace, and from any computer that has an internet connection

BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool: an automated tool which removes the complexity of setting up your PC to use this exclusive data security feature.

There's more...

And it doesn't stop there. Whenever a new Windows Ultimate Extra is ready for distribution by Microsoft, you will see the Ultimate Extra control panel inform you that there are new extras to download.

Simply download and install the Extras and begin enjoying these exclusive software and services that give your Windows Vista experience an extra lift.

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