The top tech story of the last week has been Microsoft's release of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. The new operating system is radically redesigned from Windows 7, with a controversial new Metro interface borrowed from Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

The changes have generally been popular with tech journalists, including our own Jason Cross and Nate Ralph. But the general public seems less convinced that Windows 8 is something they're interested in. A highly unscientific survey of followers of the @PCWorld twitter feed found few people who were eager to try the new OS.

Now we'd like to get a fuller picture of what you think about Windows 8. We'd love for you to take PCWorld's Windows 8 survey. It's just a few questions and shouldn't take more than about five minutes.

You can take the survey whether you've installed the preview or not. We're interested in the experiences of those who have installed the beta OS, but we'd also like to hear the opinions of those who haven't.

Please take a few minutes to take PCWorld's Windows 8 survey. It'll be a great help in our reporting on Microsoft's radical rehaul of Windows. And for more about the new operating system, take a look at our Windows 8 information center.