With Apple announcing this week that its Snow Leopard operating system will be made publicly available on August 28, its set to go head-to-head with Microsoft's latest operating system - Windows 7 - which will launch on October 22.

We've looked at the two operating system to find out just what are they're biggest new features.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Exposé Interactivity

The feature that shows all windows together is no longer a simple means for switching among them. It will be possible to drag content from one previewed window to the other.


Exposé will also work for individual applications by clicking and holding their icons in the dock. As a workaround for the miniscule preview windows in the dock, these improvements aren't bad.

Smart services

Control-clickers will delight in new context-sensitive menus that appear when you perform the Windows-equivalent of a right click. For instance, highlighting and control-clicking text in a web browser lets you send the text to an email or import it to iTunes as a spoken word track.

Smaller install

Use the £25 upgrade to Snow Leopard, and you'll get 7GB of your hard drive back. That's not a feature, per se, but it's certainly an innovation. The last thing we want is an operating system that's continually gaining weight.


Though it won't be used by the majority of Mac owners, VoiceOver is arguably the most expansive addition to OSX. This tool for visually-impaired users essentially turns the trackpad into a screen reader, supporting special gestures to switch between windows and audio feedback when clicking.

Chinese character input

Okay, most of us won't use this feature either, but it's still pretty cool. After opening an input window, users can draw sketch Chinese characters on their trackpads and then select from a list of possibilities. It's as good a reason as any to start learning.

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