British consumers are buying up laptops and desktop PCs in their droves. Never mind the credit crunch; almost 40 percent of respondents to PC Advisor's annual reader survey say they've bought a desktop PC in the past two years, proving that keeping up to date with technology is still seen as critical.

Initial results in PC Advisor's annual reader awards survey of buying habits shows a healthy 37.9 percent of respondents have splashed out on a new PC recently. Given the positive response to Microsoft Windows 7 – the operating system went onsale just over a year ago – it looks likely many people were waiting for a decent replacement to Windows XP (and Vista) came along.

Meanwhile, 67 percent of survey respondents say they have bought a new laptop in the past few years. Nor has it only been budget brands that readers are choosing. Sony, Apple, HP and Dell machines are among the most cited PC brands that survey respondents say they've bought

Online retailers and high street stores were the most frequent destination for technology shoppers, with only three percent of customers snapping up a technology bargain along with their groceries.

The PC Advisor Reader Survey covers customer buying habits and asks real customers to rate the reliability of the IT brands they've bought. It also covers the service customers have received when buying a PC or laptop, and their experience of aftersales care.

The survey forms the basis of the PC Advisor
Awards 2011
– the results of which will be announced in the new year.

It's not too late to have your say in this year's PC Advisor Reader Survey and influence the final outcome. The survey is open for another week.

Shortlisted retailers, laptop and PC manufacturers will be announced just after the survey closes on 1 December.