Windows 7Watch out, Vista. Windows 7's early sales are making your figures look embarrassingly puny.

New data suggests Microsoft's new operating system is showing strong early growth compared with past releases. About 3.6 percent of web-connected computers were running Windows 7 over the weekend, less than two weeks after its launch, according to analysts at Net Applications.

Windows 7 market share

For only 10 days into Windows 7's life, 3.6 percent isn't too shabby. Compare for yourself: more than a month after its debut, Vista claimed only 2.04 percent of the operating system market, gauging by Net Applications' measurements at the time. It didn't hit 3.74 percent until May of 2007, four months into its release.

Granted, the new Win 7 data is based only on computers that accessed the web over Saturday and Sunday, and that number may rise or fall as the week moves forward. Still, it's the first time the software has cracked the 3 percent mark, so it's a milestone worth noting.

Personally, I suspect all those wild Windows 7 launch parties had something to do with it. Plus, you've got to imagine that lots of people dressed up as "unspecified errors" for Halloween - that's free marketing right there.

All joking aside, though, let's hope the 'Save Vista' campaigns don't kick in any time soon.

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