What is Spritz?

A reading app that claims to enable its users to read up to 1,000 words per minute has attracted a lot of attention, but how does it work? We explain what Spritz is, and how it gets its users reading fast.

It's not surprising that an app that claims to enable its users to read at 1,000 words per minute has attracted a lot of attention - especially when we tell you that the human average for reading English text is a lowly 220 words per minute. Here's what is the Spritz reading app. We go into a little detail as to how the Spritz app works. See also what's the best smartphone?

First of all you should know that the Spritz reading app has initially been confirmed to appear only on Samsung devices. So if you want to use the Spritz technology then you had better buy the Samsung Galaxy S5 or Samsung Galaxy Gear2 smartwatch as these are the only two devices announced so far that run the app.

However, Sprtiz' CEO Frank Waldman,revealed at MWC that he was in talks with the likes of Google, Yahoo and Amazon, discussing how his reading software could improve theses company's products. So watch this space.

What is Spritz?

In its simplest form Sprtiz is an app for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Gear2 smartwatch that lets you read quicker than you normally would by showing you one word at a time.

Here are three examples of how Spritz works.

Spritz at 250 words per minute.

What is the Spritz reading app gif Spritz at 350 words per minute

Spritz at 500 words per minute Spritz at 500 words per minute

How does Spritz work?

While there are currently other apps on the market that claim to enable you to read faster, Spritz is a little different.

The reason that Waldman gives for Spritz being different to its competition is thanks to what the company describes as Rapid Serial Visual Presentation. What this means in layman's terms is that the Spritz app puts a lot of emphasis on the positioning of each word, with the recommended 'focus letter' highlighted to give the reader the best chance of processing and understanding each word.

The science doesn't stop there either, Waldman also claims that Spritz has an incredible algorithm built into the app that decides how long each word should stay displayed on screen for too.

When can I get Spritz on my iPhone/Android device?

There is no official release date for the Spritz app on other devices as yet, but considering the amount of attention that the app has already received even though it hasn't launched yet, it would be madness for the German tech company not to strike/blitzkrieg while the iron is hot.

How much will Spritz cost?

Spritz's CEO Frank Waldman said that the company wanted to follow the Whatsapp business model, which means it will offer the speedy reading app to users for free for a limited time to build a following and get users used to the software, and then start charging a small fee for the app further down the line.

Will I process everything I read?

According to the Spritz website, then "of course". Early test from the developers suggests that reading retention while using Spritz is equal to that of traditional left to right reading. The company also claims that with a little bit of experience you will soon remember more of the text than you did before. Spritz also claim that you can read at this ridiculously quick speed for up to two hours without a break providing your bladder is strong enough.

Take a look at the Sprtiz blog to find out more.

 How does Spritz work?