Each week in this space, we offer up a roundup of Macworld's biggest stories from the week gone by. Our friends at Ars Technica do something similar, and their roundup last week was written entirely in limerick form. I take that as a challenge; hence, this week's Wrap is written in haiku.

As a reminder:

That's five syllables,And then seven syllables,And then five again.

Good advice

Dropbox or Google?Which cloud storage should you choose?We crown one winner.

First, have a backup.Then, regularly check it.Please, trust us on this.

Mobile Me users:Rescue your data today-- Time is running out.

Don't reach for that mouse!You can control your Mac withOnly your keyboard.

Did you ever wantTo see all of an app's art?We can show you how.

To deauthorizeAn old Mac's iTunes account,Just follow these steps.

Mac app reviews

Klammer can openOutlook data that Mail can't.Silly Microsoft.

Streambox is an app That's great if you're willing toOpen Pandora.

Tried Caffeinated?The trial is Caffeine, free.Ha ha, I kill me.

Play FLAC, Ogg Vorbis,And other goofy formatsWith the app Enqueue.

Stock Keeper keeps trackOf your digital assets.We like it a lot.

Battery Status:Good app, long name. Once again:Battery Status.

iOS app reviews:

Our review of Chrome:Google's browser is good, butNeeds some improvement.

Toca Boca's appsAre a must if you have kids.As is Tylenol.

Apple's Podcasts appIs a welcome newcomer,But underwhelms us.

In other news

An Apple snafuCaused updated apps to crash, But all is fine now.

iGoogle's closing,And that makes contributorJoel M. Mathis sad.[Mr. Mathis claims that his first name has two syllables. We disagree. -Ed.]

Apple's market share Just keeps growing and growing ... Much like its profits.