Vodafone forums have been swamped with complaints from HTC Desire users who saw their handsets updated with Vodafone 360 apps.

Most of the mobile network's users expected the update to be 'Froyo' - version 2.2 of the Google Android operating system. Instead Vodafone customers were surprised to see new apps on their handset, along with a Vodafone start-up screen and shortcuts to websites placed on their home screen.

"I'm most annoyed about the added bookmarks, if we wanted them as our bookmarks then we would already have them, I now have 2 reorganise everything, i don't want flirtomatic and myspace on my bookmarks," said one user on the forum.

"Vodafone have just annoyed me by filling my main menu with a load of extra icons and giving me a pointless new start-up screen," read another post in the forum.

Other users reported problems with SMS, with many messages being duplicated in the folders on the phone, while others reported their users dictionary was deleted.

A spokesperson for Vodafone told PC Advisor, the mobile network had no plans to mislead its customers over the update and it currently can not give a date for when version 2.2 of Android will be made available on the handsets although its working with Google to ensure this is "as soon as possible".

The spokesperson also said that originally Vodafone planned to have its 360 apps embedded on the handset when launched, just like they were on the HTC Legend. However, Vodafone the software to do this has only recently been made available.

Vodafone said the update ensured "the experience on the Desire was in-line with other handsets available from the network".

The network also said it has suspended the rollout of the update, while it investigates the SMS problems.

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