Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer yesterday announced the new version of Office, and says Office 2013 is best if used in the cloud.

The product names should be familiar to anyone who's used a PC--- excel, Microsoft Word, Outlook, Powerpoint and so on.

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But what's new in this version of Office is that it was designed with Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 8, in mind.

Together, and especially with the extra cloud-based services turned on, CEO Steve Ballmer says his company is offering an experience consumers will love—and used himself as an example.

"I love it. My working life has changed…" Steve Ballmer

Office takes full advantage of touch, by allowing users to tap to get more information, use a stylus to draw or add notes, and more.

"Let's start a chat and call someone…"

Microsoft was also proud to show off what some of its latest acquisitions have brought to Office. Yammer, an internal social networking service for company's—has been integrated into Office so that you can ‘like' the status of a co-worker, collaborate easily on a document or compliment them on a project.

Kirk: "And then I'll come over here to my home computer and I can pick right back up where I left off at work…"

Microsoft did not reveal prices for the new Office -- that, the company said, would come "later this fall" when it nears the launch date.

Consumers can register for and start using the home premium preview of Office 2013 at the Microsoft website, starting Monday. Ballmer is betting that like him—once consumers have full access to all their work and home documents from any internet-connected computer—they will be hooked.